About Ilayhu:

Hello everybody, my name is Ilayhu, I'm from Peru. As many of you know I'm a poser artist, I started with Poser 4 many years ago, now I am working with the Poser 2014, I am also a collage artist, I enjoy making collages about tiny, very tiny men at feet of beautiful women, but the most important I am big fan of giantess women, or also I could be shrunk to a very tiny size and being at her feet, that's why I like to make pics and poser stories about very little men and women at giantess women's mercy, being my main topic "micro", where men are really really tiny, (ant or even flea size), I also like to make collages but from time to time :P. I like also animation, so I hope in the future make 3D animations about micro people and giantess women :)) My apologies in advance for my english (which is my second language), my native language is spanish.

Feel free to contact me for any issue, maybe you have any idea about an storie, I will take it in consideration: