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The Shrinking X-Boyfriend
Jenny had shrunk her ex-boyfriend, Mike, using a potion she bought in a magic shop, she had used him like a dildo and treated him like her pet, but there was a problem, the lady in that store told her that he would remain in that dildo size just for thirty days, after that she would need to buy another potion for keeping him in that size if not he would continue shrinking, she kept him in an small cage,  it's the day thirty one, and Mike after an small shrink he could escpae from his cage, now she is looking for him before he shrink to nothing, after she found him, she realized that he became so small like a flea, maybe she would help him before he shrinks to nothing... after all he was her boyfriend, I mean... her ex-boyfriend... ooops!.

Tags: shrinking man, tiny, micro, pov, feet, toes, breasts, high heels, fingers, nails


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